The Mountain Hotel Zaluna is an elegant bond between country style and mountain fascination, and this makes it a magic and relaxing location, where simplicity is like one of the family.

The Care and Devotion of the Bosin Family make the atmosphere particularly warm and intimate, the careful attention to small details is a part of a long tradition of hospitality, giving life to a network of friendly and genuine relations, always in a spirit of respect and cordiality.

The Mountain Hotel Zaluna style wants to evoke the old-style mountain life, maintaining a simple but fine structure.

The combination of the two materials so different yet synergic, such as wood and stone, matches perfectly with the surrounding area and creates a classic linearity between natural ambience and the facility. Even the home furnishings have been treated according to the same principle, with a traditional as well as an elegant style.

The isolated position, enclosed between the most exciting natural beauties of Trentino, contributes to enhance the imaginary of the mountain lifestyle, besides being a starting point for excursions, walks, and other adventures.
In our small but cosy wellness centre we will welcome you and take care of your relax, inviting you to leave all the worries behind and thinking about nothing but yourselves.
Hydro massage tub, sauna and relax zone dedicated to who wants to enjoy peace and tranquility or to regenerate oneself, after a day spent in enjoying adventures in our mountains, completely immersed in the midst of the Dolomites that cuddle the Mountain Hotel Zaluna.


Our gastronomy is simple and made with care, and evokes the old mountain tastes: strong and sharp. The menu is daily done, to give to our clients new and different flavors, a little taste of the rich cookery of Trentino.


Hydromassage tub, sauna and relax zone dedicated to who desires peace and tranquility.